Autoweek Drives SpeedFactory’s SF600R Challenger

Mike with Greg from Autoweek

Mike with Greg from Autoweek

The guys from Autoweek were in Atlanta this week and took our SF600R Challenger for a test drive. A quote from the article:

“The engine is an absolute rocket. From the gurgle at idle to the roar during downshifts on the expressways, this car is a hoot. We had a brief test drive on a Monday morning and promptly bolted for the open grounds surrounding Atlanta Motor Speedway. The steering picks up light off center like stock Challengers and it’s a fairly easy (big) car to maneuver. This is a Challenger–so yeah, it’s a bit bulky–but SpeedFactory’s work to the suspension and body produce a nice drive through turns and corners. The brakes are plenty stout and the Borla exhaust emits a satisfying growl. It’s fun, modern muscle.”

Read more at Autoweek.

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