"I'm happy as hell and it's fast as hell!"

Happy customer Brad from Michigan says “I bought the car site unseen. SpeedFactory delivered it to me complete, and I’m happy as hell and it’s fast as hell!”

Speedfactory Charger Sets World Record Quarter Mile Time

On November 1, 2008, Speedfactory’s R&D Charger ran a quarter mile in 10.354 seconds, with a trap speed of 137.39 mph at Silver Dollar Raceway in Reynolds, Georgia. According to records kept by the LXForums.com moderators, Speedfactory beat all previous quarter mile times set by actual production LX/LC-platform cars — modern Dodge Chargers, Challengers, Magnums and Chrysler 300Cs. Speedfactory driver Eddie Rosa originally broke the record the night before, continuing to improve throughout the weekend.

With help from tuning partner Injected Engineering, the Speedfactory R&D (Research and Development) Charger is powered by a 426 HEMI stroker motor with a Vortech centrifugal style V-7 YSi-trim supercharger and an air-to-air charge cooler. As the Speedfactory R&D Charger develops over 925 HP, numerous systems were upgraded: 355 gears, a return-style fuel system and 1000HP half shafts. The car retains the stock transmission, brakes, suspension, and interior, weighing approximately 4200 lbs.

“We’re very excited by this achievement, as we have worked for a number of months to unleash the potential of this Charger. There’s still more we can do, and a good chance we can run even faster times,” said Mark Brucks, General Manager, Speedfactory. “All of us at Speedfactory, and our partners, are motorheads and fans of these cars as well as businessmen. This is what we live for, building speed and automotive dream cars.”

“The Vortech V-7 YSi-trim supercharger supports up to 1200HP with 78% efficiency,” states Gil Cormaci, Director, Sales and Marketing for Vortech Engineering. “We are very pleased with our association with Speedfactory, Landmark Dodge and Injected Engineering. The application of our YSi-trim compressor to this HEMI Charger was done with the highest expertise resulting in this impressive time and speed.”

The record-breaking runs excited Injected Engineering’s Ryan Wall: “Working with Speedfactory has allowed us to take the LX/LC vehicles to a new level. Our tuning expertise and Speedfactory’s resources have created the perfect partnership for record-braking performance. The Speedfactory R&D Charger is proof that our skills at tuning will bring customers the very best performance that a Dodge/Chrysler vehicle has to offer.”

Speedfactory is exhibiting a supercharged Challenger in the Vortech/Paxton booth at the SEMA show in Las Vegas, November 4-7, 2008 (booth #23053). This Speedfactory Challenger drew attention in the spring of 2008 as the first supercharged Challenger of the modern era. Tuned with assistance from Injected Engineering, it features a Vortech supercharger developing 560 HP on 6.5 PSI boost.

Speedfactory Charger Sets a World Record!

Speedfactory’s R+D Charger has set a possible world record 1/4 mile time for an LX platform car* with 10.624 seconds at 134.22 MPH. Courtesy of our partner, Injected Engineering, here’s a video of the run:

There are more runs to come, and a strong possibility of better times to come – keep your eyes peeled on this space for updates.

*According to the listings at LXforums.com.

Hangin' With Chip Foose and Kenny Wayne Shepherd

A few weeks back, Mike and Eddie attended the Chip Foose/Year One Braselton Bash. Check out this guitar (auctioned to benefit charity), autographed by Kenny Wayne Shepherd and Chip Foose who sketched some really cool Mopars on the back!

Chip Foose shows off his handywork

Chip Foose shows off his handiwork; Kenny Wayne Shepherd also autographed it.

Pure American Muscle

Nothing is better than American-made muscle. Speedfactory is proud to use American-made products and partner with US-based companies, not only because it’s good for business, but because these products and companies are some of the best in the world.

And while you chew on that, you might enjoy looking at the Speedfactory Stage III 426 Hemi Stroker package with classic Hemi style valve covers and relocated factory ignition coils. It also has a Speedfactory cold air intake, American Racing headers and Magnaflow exhaust. Engine is rated at 587 HP / 560 ft. lbs of torque. Can you say fun?

Speedfactory Stage III 426 Hemi Stroker motor passenger side view

Speedfactory Stage III 426 Hemi Stroker motor passenger side view

Speedfactory Stage III 426 Hemi Stroker motor driver side view

Speedfactory Stage III 426 Hemi Stroker motor driver side view

Speedfactory Stage III 426 Hemi Stroker motor front view

Speedfactory Stage III 426 Hemi Stroker motor front view


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