SpeedFactory’s Newest Weapon In Their Arsenal

Friday July 8th 2011 brought some new HP to the shop with the addition of the 2011 512CI Drag Pak Challenger.


Drag pak in front of the SF office.

Here are the features unique to the Drag Pak;

2011 Mopar Challenger V-10 Drag Pak Highlights
• Identification plate with unique serial number sequence
• 512 cid V-10 engine
• Unique engine calibration
• 2-speed automatic transmission with shift assembly and built-in roll control
• Special body-in-white modified for drag racing
o No windshield wiper assembly
o No HVAC system (includes block o! plates)
o No rear seats
o No power-steering system
o No underbody heat shields
o Complete fuel cell assembly
o Race headers with collectors
o Modified tunnel for transmission clearance and one-piece drive shaft
o Raised floor above differential for solid-axle conversion clearance
• Polycarbonate door windows
• Smart-glass door window system
• Solid engine mounts
• Mopar solid rear axle
• Lightweight seats to accommodate 6-point harness
• Special modified K-member with drop-out crossmember• Lightweight drag-race only front brake assembly
• Manual rack-and-pinion steering
• Front chin spoiler
• Lightweight cooling module with electric fan
• Lightweight instrument panel assembly
• Special cable-operated decklid release
• Special cable-operated throttle pedal and linkage
• Race-style wheels and tires

Follow the link to see and hear the Challenger as it roared off the transporter.
SpeedFactory Drag Pak offload

Red Letter Dodge Drives the SF500 Challenger

Check out the full article at the Red Letter Dodge website!

Last month, our friends at Landmark Dodge and SpeedFactory came all the way from Georgia to hang out with the LX enthusiasts at Spring Fest 6 event in Irvine, California. In their display was their newest weapon of mass destruction to come out their Atlanta arsenal of modified late-model muscle cars. The 2010 Challenger SF500 (‘500’ designates either the horsepower or torque output of the specific model) SpeedFactory’s “entry level” model for customer’s looking to venture into the Supercharged dimension of boost and all the greatness it offers under one’s right foot. If 500 horsepower 5.7L HEMI® is considered entry level, then sign us up. Here their proven formula for success continues by offering enthusiasts fully warranty turn-key super cars. The team at Speed Factory doesn’t get sideways by tacking on aftermarket body kits that add extra pounds and drives up the cost of the vehicle. Instead their focus is on power train and suspension enhancements that will shock and awe their owners with a double barrel shot of adrenaline aimed straight at their brain.

The SF500 begins its transformation to a giant killer once it arrives at the dealership. The engine is basically left stock as to keep the sticker price down and not impact the factory warranty. The Vortech Centrifugal Supercharger is the primary power adder that takes the stock 5.7L from 372 horses to over 500. The magic is in the specially calibrated tune that Vortech engineers and SpeedFactory have collaborated on. What’s just as sweet, the package is CARB approved and certified so it’s compliant in all 50 states and carries a 3 year/36,000 mile warranty through SpeedFactory.

Check out the full article at the Red Letter Dodge website!

Cruise with us to Mopars at the Strip

Friday and Saturday are the days for Mopars at the Strip, a great Mopar oriented car show and racing series in Las Vegas. But the fun is starting today as SpeedFactory is joining up with the MoPower Cruise heading out to Las Vegas from LA. Hot Rod Magazine is part of the cruise so it should be a good time. If you’re in the area, we’re meeting at Glendora Dodge, Thursday, April 7 at noon, leaving by 1pm to head out.

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Spring Fling Photo Wrapup

Here are a few photos from 6th Annual Spring Festival of LX, held at the end of March in Irvine, CA. Over 800 late model Mopars were on hand along with a huge presence from Dodge.

SpeedFactory and Vortech show display

SpeedFactory exhibited the 426 Charger race car, a preview of our 2011 SF500 Charger, our SF700R Challenger and a SF500 Challenger.

Corsa Exhaust booth with SF 700R on display

LX Festival organizer John Fortuno with Eddie Rosa and the 426 race car

6th Annual Spring Festival of LX

This Saturday, March 26, in Irvine, California will be one of the largest modern Mopar gatherings in the nation, organized by LXForums.com. The 6th Annual Spring Festival of LX has over 800 modern Mopar cars registered to attend and SpeedFactory will have 4 vehicles in attendance -

1) 2011 SpeedFactory Charger SF500 – on display in the Vortech/SpeedFactory booth, our current R+D project is the new 2011 Charger SF500, a supercharged Dodge Charger R/T. This vehicle is still very new and we are still working out the tuning and other improvements, but be sure to check it out!

2) SpeedFactory Challenger SF500 – our value leader, the SF500 is a supercharged Challenger R/T, delivering more power for less buck than a standard Challenger SRT8.

3) SpeedFactory Challenger SF700R – our pinnacle car – the ultimate in power and performance, the SF700R will be on display in the Corsa Exhaust booth.

4) SpeedFactory 426 Charger Race Car – the record-holding 1/4 mile “stock-based” LX is consistently running in the 9′s. See it at the Vortech/SpeedFactory booth.

We’ll also be at Beach Burger in Huntington Beach, CA on Thursday evening March 24, hanging out with all the Mopar guys and gals.

We look forward to seeing you!


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