Purple Haze 426 Convertible Challenger SF600R


The Purple Haze Challenger SF600R is done, the customer is scheduled to pick it up ASAP.  This was the first convertible (conversion) that we have worked on yet. We can’t wait for Dodge to start making the convertible option available from the factory. Until then, checkout the night and day difference between the stock SRT8 Challenger and the Purple Monster SF600R Challenger! The Package is pretty intense- see for yourself!

SPEEDFACTORY SF 600R Challenger Package

600 screaming horses delivered rough and ready with the 426 Gen III HEMI. The ‘R’ designation in the SF600R Challenger denotes a SpeedFactory hi-performance, normally-aspirated, bored, stroked and balanced 6.1L HEMI block, increasing the displacement to 426 cu. in. (7.0 liter HEMI).



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  • Ron

    I currently have a 2010 plum crazy SRT8 Challenger and love the convertible look. What costs are involved to take mine to a covertible as well as taking the engine up to 7 liters?


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