SpeedFactory customer Chris Ramsey takes Sebring, FL by storm

Chris' trophies

SF-SK750 with Sebring trophies on display.

This past weekend our customer Chris Ramsey’s car was the talk of the weekend during the first annual Sebring Thunder.

It was a three day event that included a burnout contest on Friday, Car show awards BBQ on Saturday, and four laps on the 12 hour of sebrings road course.

Friday night the car received some compliments at registration, but after the burnout contest it was the talk of the town.
“The crowd started cheering when I was just rolling up,which was pretty cool, but once she got started they really went crazy” Chris said.

Everyone was amazed and could not believe how tame it sounded when the 750 hp Challenger rolled in, but instantly it roasted the tires and sounded like a top fuel funny car. Not to mention the 40′ tall 150′ long wall of smoke which was also a crowd pleaser.

Saturday was like rock star status, the SF-SK750 was the talk of the town, at least 100 people told Chris how it won the burnout contest and how awesome it looked and sounded.
“What a great looking car, a lot nicer job then the new mustangs and camaros” was uttered by many a spectator.

Everyone loved the look of the motor, the intake, the supercharger and how awesome and neat it all sits under the hood. A few even asked if Chris had gotten it this way from the factory. Chris responeded “ya the SpeedFactory!”

On Sunday Chris had the opportunity to do four laps on the 12 hour of Sebring road course during the Porsche cars lunch break and even though they could only go 35 – 50 mph, he made sure to turn those Porsche guys heads by slowing down almost to a stop in front of their pits and on the straight aways, then roasting the the tires through the gears a handful of times just to show them what’s up.

The Hotchkis suspension was on lock down through the whole course as well, those guys didn’t want none.
After the four laps the Porsche drivers were on the walls with thumbs up as Chris drove down pit road to exit,
They knew what time it was, SpeedFactory was leaving the building.

All in all the Challenger received three awards:
1st Modern Muscle

Judges choice

3rd in Burnout contest

Peoples Champ Burnout contest ( unofficial )

In Chris’ opinion this is the best SpeedFactory car ever !
Thanks Mike,Donald, and Eddie!

Thank you for the write up Chris.

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