BBS CH-R 5 on 115

Check out the new 20×9” silver BBS CH-R wheels on the B5 Blue Bomber. These are designed to work with the stock tires.

Keep a close eye out for BBS and SpeedFactory’s announcement of this new product.

Here they are in black:


SEMA Show Update

Well SEMA 2009 is over, and it was a great show for SpeedFactory. We appreciate all of the support we received from our partners and friends. You can’t go it alone in the automotive industry and SEMA is a great opportunity to seek out new partners, meet friends and discover new opportunities. We also [...]

Letter from Daniel, proud owner of a Stage 3 Supercharged Challenger

The car was a blast to drive home. Gas mileage did increase to about 22-23 mpg. The ride was very comfortable – firm but no loose play or body roll. The updated suspension really do a lot for the car in terms of giving the driver a much better feel of the road and overall driving experience.

The supercharger. Wow! I can feel the car fighting for traction all the time. I think I’ll have to replace those stock Goodyear Eagle F1′s in about 2 weeks! The power is great though. Very manageable once you learn how the supercharger works and how it’s power is developed. You truly just drive this car around town with no problem. I think I could let my grandma drive this car around town and she would be fine.

Daniel with his Stage 3 Supercharged Challenger

Daniel with his Stage 3 Supercharged Challenger

The exhaust has a great sound. Under power with your foot to the floor or just cruising at 75mph. Actually at 75mph you can hardly hear it. I love the sound when you let off the gas and the transmission downshifts on its own.
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Supercharged Aluminum 440 SRT8 Challenger build photos

Here are a few build photos of our red Challenger research and development car. This car will be appearing in some upcoming media and events.

This car features a pre-production Mopar aluminum block motor, built to a 440, Vortech V3 Supercharger,  pre-production Mopar high torque  transmission, prototype BBS wheels and other enhancements that we’ll tell you [...]

Doug's Supercharged Challenger – "that's what it's all about"

Happy customer Doug from Indiana sent us this note about his Stage 3 Supercharged Challenger:

“I’ve had the car up to 185 mph and it handles just like a dream.  Having my car shipped to Atlanta was like sending one of my kids, I couldn’t wait to get it home.  As soon as it [...]


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