SpeedFactory Charger video – 9.45s @ 145 mph 1/4 mile

It was a good weekend running in Georgia, the SpeedFactory Charger R&D race car with driver Eddie Rosa achieved a time of 9.45 seconds at 145 mph in the quarter mile:

SpeedFactory Charger Runs in the 9's!

Let’s recap. The crew at SpeedFactory Cars is here to build fast cars for daily street use. Out of that necessity the Orange Charger Research and Development car was born, aptly called Pumpkin-stein. It started life as a 5.7 Hemi Police Charger; Mark, Eddie and Mike had the bright idea stuff in a 426 [...]

Results from ShopHemi Shootout

The SpeedFactory 426 Charger came in runner-up to Hemi~C’s Magnum.

Check out this post for much more detailed information and some videos.

SpeedFactory 426 Charger launching HARD.

Mark and Eddie with the SpeedFactory 426 [...]

SpeedFactory Chase Miller ARCA Dodge Charger

Chase Miller with the Landmark Dodge/SpeedFactory ARCA Dodge Charger race car

Look for Chase Miller’s “Landmark Dodge/SpeedFactory” Dodge¬†Charger at the upcoming ARCA race in Michigan on Friday. Good luck to Chase from all of us at SpeedFactory!

The Chase Miller Landmark Dodge/SpeedFactory Charger also raced at Pocono Raceway on June 6. “I am [...]


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