SpeedFactory Charger video – 9.45s @ 145 mph 1/4 mile

It was a good weekend running in Georgia, the SpeedFactory Charger R&D race car with driver Eddie Rosa achieved a time of 9.45 seconds at 145 mph in the quarter mile:

Letter from Daniel, proud owner of a Stage 3 Supercharged Challenger

The car was a blast to drive home. Gas mileage did increase to about 22-23 mpg. The ride was very comfortable – firm but no loose play or body roll. The updated suspension really do a lot for the car in terms of giving the driver a much better feel of the road and overall driving experience.

The supercharger. Wow! I can feel the car fighting for traction all the time. I think I’ll have to replace those stock Goodyear Eagle F1′s in about 2 weeks! The power is great though. Very manageable once you learn how the supercharger works and how it’s power is developed. You truly just drive this car around town with no problem. I think I could let my grandma drive this car around town and she would be fine.

Daniel with his Stage 3 Supercharged Challenger

Daniel with his Stage 3 Supercharged Challenger

The exhaust has a great sound. Under power with your foot to the floor or just cruising at 75mph. Actually at 75mph you can hardly hear it. I love the sound when you let off the gas and the transmission downshifts on its own.
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John's SpeedFactory Supercharged Chrysler 300

The 300 SRT8 is Chrysler’s hot-rod version of the 300 luxury sedan. Since the 300 SRT8 shares many LX/LC platform elements with the Charger and Challenger SRT8 models, our packages are a perfect fit for any 300C or 300 SRT8 models.

This Stage 3 Supercharged 300 SRT8 has the Vortech V3 supercharger, coil over suspension, larger [...]

Supercharged Challenger Grudge Match Drag Race

Recently SpeedFactory attended Mopars at the Strip and displayed our 600HP supercharged SpeedFactory Challenger – the first modern Challenger to be supercharged. Next door to us was a supercharged Challenger built by Classic Design Concepts.

The inevitable occurred – and Rob Wolf, editor of Mopar Collector’s Guide, did a “Pinks” style start for [...]

Hot Rod Magazine Tests a Vortech Supercharged SRT8 Challenger from SpeedFactory

Enjoy a full length video from Hotrod Magazine. Hot Rod travels to California Speedway where we test Speedfactory’s Challenger SRT8. The Vortech Supercharged Challenger easily runs in the 11s and the only challenge we have is making it hook-up. Video Credit: Boondoggle Media.



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